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Are you a witch? Do you have/want to have magical powers? Do you want to have more magical power than you already do? Are you willing to do the bidding of an ambiguously evil entity to gather the souls of fallen heroes?

Then boy, do I have a game to suit your very specific tastes.

This game was a submission to GMTK Game Jam 2021! The theme was "Joined Together"

IMPORTANT--If you find the blink ability isn't working, do a quick little jump. I have no idea why this fixes it, but it does.


WitchGambit1.3.zip 28 MB


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I love the little witch, the funny words in the upper platforms and the humor throughout. I had a little trouble with the jump, but have heard the developer has already fixed it and will be updating as soon as the judging is completed in two weeks. Great game!