A downloadable game for Windows

WARNING! This game contains periods of persistent loud noises and may be uncomfortable for headphone users or people who are easily overloaded by noise.

The Results of a 3 day Alakajam weekend that didn't quite pan out but we're proud of it all the same.

Working on the theme of "depth" our original concept was that our character's elevator gave out, plummeting him to their death and sending us headlong into a spooky revisiting of their trauma-filled life. Much of that failed to make it in and we learned a lot of lessons along the way about scalability and organization for larger projects like this.

What we've uploaded here, while wholly incomplete, is a functional build of three of the planned four stages, ending with a somewhat anticlimactic "Thanks for Playing!" Expect lots of bugs, geometry holes, rough edges, and things that might not work quite right. 

If you find yourself unsure of what to do, you can progress by locating and picking up (left mouse button) the brightly colored elevator buttons and inserting them into the panel in the elevator to proceed to the next floor.


Untitled Horror Game Jam Build 44 MB


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Funny xD

Lol thanks for playing our game!

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Thanks for playing our game!

Hey! I'm the guy who did the code for most of this project, including the screamer. Fun fact: while building and testing the monster, I managed to spook myself multiple times despite knowing full well exactly how it worked, as Musik Kombat can attest to.

its so incredibly buggy but its fun, the monster doesnt kill ya also developer i found the secret room c:

You found my secret room! <3 Thanks for playing (and sorry for the super late reply!) Glad you enjoyed it!

I give up because I can't find the way to continue, sorry I'm clumsy xD

but very good game as well

Thanks for trying it! Sorry for the late reply, we bit off  more than we could chew for this one so there aren't many very clear instructions but hey we're learning every day!

Cool game!