A downloadable Life-Changing Event for Windows and Android

Drone is the first-time project of a brother-sister duo under the dashing, ravishing name of "Team Spaghetti." It is an entry in Game Maker's Toolkit's 2018 game jame under the theme "Genre without Mechanic." Our idea was to go a little more fundamental and try to make a "game" without  "play."

Play as an unthinking office drone as you "solve" a "slew" of "puzzles" to get through your daily grind.

A game by Team Spaghetti: Throwing anything and everything at the wall to see what sticks.

Install instructions

1) Download drone.exe

2) Run drone.exe

3) Play drone.exe

4) Vote for Drone in the game jam!


Drone 14 MB
Drone 23 MB
Drone--Legacy Build 14 MB

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